Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shauna (Do you wanna?)

I remember when Shauna was beautiful, back in the days when she turned every mans head.

You wouldn’t know it looking at her now though, the young beautiful Shauna replaced with the old worn out hag of a Shauna.

When I was a kid I used to follow her around, I had a crush on her and any little bit of attention she showed me made me feel fucking delirious with joy.

Shauna was always with some asshole, some fucking jerkoff that treated her like shit. Over the years she went from man to man, people eventually started calling her “Shauna do you wanna”.

A lot of the younger girls on the lot make fun of her, saying shit like “Oh my god, she is such an old bitch, and a hag, who would fuck that?” Then they laugh, thoroughly impressed with their own beauty.

I kindly say that none of them could have held a candle to Shauna in her day. I get looks of disbelief of course, it’s a fact I tell them, I was there, you weren’t even fucking born, and then I walk away.

A lot of people say Shauna fucked her life away, that she sucked too much Carny cock and it withered her away to an ugly old hag.

The truth of the matter is this….Shauna ate too much shit in life and it killed her spirit, like so many others, she’s only one example.

When a person let’s others walk on them, trades their dreams and ambitions in to please others, and to serve others interests, they die inside, and soon enough their outsides start to match their insides. They look old, beaten, and they are.

I see a number of the young girls who laugh at Shauna on the same path.

My advice.....don’t eat shit.


canuck said...

Love the blog!

I never thought I would read what I experienced while working the Carny written by someone else. It seems I've met the people you write about only the names are different. I can feel your sadness and loss over the changes that have happened over the years. It really is an empty feeling. I have felt it first hand.

Is their life after the Carny, I guess It’s what you make of it. I can’t speak for you but, for myself I’m doing alright. Haven’t traveled since 2001, bit different for me I only traveled from 90’ to 01’ took 97’ off. Every season I wintered at HQ. Now I call HQ every winter after the last tear down just to talk to anyone who is still left from my time…and they are few and far between.

Never thought of myself as a lifer; but, as soon as I decided to move on, settle into the real world, than the Carny was the only place I wanted to be. First year was the hardest. It does get easier. Than again, in my experience most people that say they are done end up back out the next year…or eventually.....


Kevin said...

Thanks for posting, and glad you like the Blog. I know the feeling you describe about calling HQ. So many not around anymore.

Namowal said...

Picasso once said, "There are only two types of women- goddesses and doormats."
The sad thing about the doormat gals is that some think they'll eventually be respected and appreciated for all they put up with. But it works the other way. The jerks see her efforts as a green light to treat her worse.