Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The town looks the same, smaller.

My mother is thrilled I'm here.

Most of the people I knew are long gone now, time waits for no one, things look the same, but they're different.

I haven't seen my old friend Dave yet, he's working out of town, it'll be good to see him.

Late at night I go for walks, everywhere I look there are memories or ghosts from childhood, from someone elses life.

I'm an alien here, I don't belong, too many years, too many miles.

Home is where the heart is, mine is out there......somewhere.

We can't roll back time, we all become who we really want to be, whether we like it or not.

I blew in on the autumn wind, I'll drift out on a spring breeze.


Jessica said...

I haven't read yet how you went about becoming a carny, like did you just meet them on the road. Curious, cause it is one of my dreams to just up and go and be on the road, not have anything holding me back. I know i have a life right now but I think this would be following my heart,definitely. By the way, I do love reading your blogs very awesome.

Kevin said...

Glad you like it. Actually, a friend of the family was a Carny, that's how I got into it when I was a kid.