Saturday, September 09, 2006


So here I sit, the dawn creeping in the window of my hotel room, contemplating.

The end of the season is a confusing time.

Time moves differently in the Carny bubble, it's more compressed, you live a lot in a short period where the pace of life is so much faster

The people that come to the Carnival seem to be going in slow motion, we're speeding along, always rushing, fitting a life into so many half hour breaks a day, a trip to the bathroom is a fucking excursion.

Suddenly the end comes, we're thrust into the normal world again and it seems as if everything comes to a stop, but it's only going slower, the mind is still rushing but the body has no where to go.

In the old days I was drunk for a month afterward, alone, talking to my self in a hotel room, who the fuck was I talking to?


Meg said...

Just spent an hour reading your site. All last winter a Carny family lived next door, and our kids played together in the snow. Last Sunday I took my three boys to the Fair. Your writing is fantastic, gritty and real. Some blogs you can tell the person is making it up, but I've known enough Fair-folk (I always called Carnies 'Fair-folk' - kind of a play on the old name for fairies, and just as mysterious and wild and free and unknown and maybe dangerous to a town kid) to see what's what. Thanks for writing.

patita said...

Winding down for the off season sounds rough on the nerves. You've been talking about going home since before this season started, I hope that works out for you. Planning to go out again next year?

Kevin said...

No, there won't be a next year for me, it's all just as well I guess, really no place for me after this season.

Thanks Meg.

schnitzelbank said...

Love your writing! Just stumbled along your path. I see you haven't posted in a long time, I hope you are okay and having new adventures.
This entry stuck out to me - as a teacher, I always feel this same way right after school lets out for summer.