Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Boss

My boss, the owner of the company, is a fucking asshole. He can't help it though, he comes from a long line of pricks, he was born into this business and his dad was a bigger prick.

Old timers remember his mom and dad, and everyone from this generation will remember him and his jagoff ways.

They don't have the insight into him that I do though, they don't know he can't help the way he is, it's passed on.

I've worked for every kind of prick you can imagine, they're all the same, about as much class as a fucking outhouse.

They have no social skills, yet they think they're a charming lot.

They have no fucking clue that they're the idiots, not the rest of the world.

They are big shots in the "Carny Bubble", Lowbrows" when they step off the lot.

Some of the younger crew members don't know how to deal with the prickish boss, I do, here's a few pointers.

1. "DO NOT" try to be the bosses friend, he has none, what makes you think you will be the first?

2. "DO NOT" try to have a conversation with the boss, he could give two fucks about you or your opinion, or your personal life.

3. "DO NOT" try to win brownie points in any way whatsoever, don't jump in and trash someone when he's bitching about them to you, he's doing the same thing to you behind your back to fool. Now he thinks you're a bag licker.

4. "DO" your job, show up on time.

5. "DO" tell him to "GO FUCK HIMSELF" if he unjustly gives you shit, or tries to blame his own mistake on you, he's probably testing you to see if you're a doormat.

Just do your job, don't acknowledge him unless he does you.

In time he'll come to respect you and let you into his graces.

Most never make it, they're baglickers, the world is full of them, weaklings.


Peter said...

Thank you for your advices.
I will try to remember them. Maybe I will need it for my further working life.

fuckthedog said...

You are an incredible writer. I adore your journal. You can and should be published. Just wanted to say that. Cheers!

Kevin said...

Thanks,glad you like it.

sam said...

hello and i too am a carny i kinda get a kick out of peoples sterotypes lol;) but i am not typical find me at myspace karniqueen

Anonymous said...

I like what you said about your boss. I too am the boss as you put it. I think I might have to copy this page and hand it out to my help. Maybe they will stop trying to be my friends and hanging on my balls like a couple of green horns. Lol, I agree with the above comments you are a pretty great writer in the sense you tell it how it is.

Caroline said...

Dont put everyone in the same basket... all humans are individuals so are bosses :) I agree you should get published your writing is extremely realistic and heartfelt

Who Cares? said...

Though the Boss is a fat prick, I still love the guy, and him me. I've known him since I was a kid. He's had a number of names for me over the years too. neither one of us has ever said anything to anyone else we haven't said to each others face on many occasions. Such is the carny world.

Glad you guys like it and relate.