Monday, May 01, 2006

What Matters To Me

Character matters the most to me. It’s one of those things no one can take from you. I’ve met a lot of people that had nothing in this world, but they had character, experiences, they were interesting.

I’ve also met people that had a lot going for them in the material sense, and they were the dullest fucks, no story.

Life is about experiences to me. I can save them up and pull them out anytime I want, no one can ever take them, I can share them though.

I’ve never been interested in chasing money, not more than I need anyway, what a boring life that would be. I’ve lived out of a duffel bag for a long time, I can pick up and go wherever I want, no material ties, that’s freedom to me.

People with kids can’t do that, and I wouldn’t either if I had kids, but I don’t, so I can do what I want. I don’t let people give me negative opinions on my lifestyle, I tell them to shove it up their ass generally. As long as I don’t hurt anybody else I can do what I want, and I do.

Right now, as I sit on this bus, rolling along, I have nothing but what’s in front of me, down this highway.

I have a couple grand in my pocket, a guitar and two duffel bags packed away under the bus.

Life’s pretty good, no worries for today.

I hope I get laid soon.


Pauli said...

Are you blogging on the bus? How are you hooked in to the 'net? Do you have a mobile card?

Who Cares said...

Yes, I do have a mobile card, I'm a high tech Carny now. I am more computer savvy than most I know, though there are few of us around.

Pauli said...

Duh - sorry - I didn't read the previous post. I like the new look.

Pauli said...

Hey... Where'd you go?? "Did you bury the carnival, with the lions and all - excuse me while I sharpen my nails." (Tom Waits)

Anyway, we're piling on John Derbyshire over at this blog entry. I posted a link to the fake and real Derbyshire letters; I still love reading that as a case study in stereotype sock-puppetry.

Who Cares said...

Hey thanks Pauli. I'm back and will try to post more often. It's a lot easier when I'm off the road, but I will make the effort.

birdie said...

"Life is about experiences to me. I can save them up and pull them out anytime I want, no one can ever take them, I can share them though. "

I really love this entire entry. I particularly feel this way about dreams too. Except dreams are even more personal, only to be experienced by you, and no one can take them away. I'm dating someone right now that has a lot going on for him financially but I realize ever the more how little personality he has compared to me. Thanks for reminding me what should be important.

Who Cares said...

Glad you got something out of it.