Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm Wireless

So I got my wireless for my laptop. I’ll be online this summer and won’t have to go seeking Internet café’s in various cities, though I know where most of them are now.

I still won’t be able to post as often as I would like because of the hours I work, but I will be able to post more often than if I didn’t have wireless.

I love my laptop. I remember a time when it was a bitch to find a payphone to call home when I was younger, now I have a connection to a world wide web, technology, who knew.


patita said...

It's selfish, but I'm really glad you got that wireless connection!

Tom Hoey said...

Uh, huh. My experience is different. Got a wireless laptop and took it on the road. Had to protect it with my life, literally. And, of course, we never were in a spot that had WiFi hotspots. Next time I was home, I left IT home. However, the good news now is that you can update your blog with your cell phone. Lots of options and no excuse to not get your e mail. :-)

Who Cares said...

Tom is the one made me aware of that option in an earlier email, thanks Tom.

I have wireless at home but this is a different kind of wireless I have now. It works on a card and kinda like a cell phone, I can even make calls on the damn thng.