Friday, May 19, 2006

Circles Of Life - 2 (A Secret)

A long time ago, when I was a kid, I was friends with an old Romanian woman that traveled with the show, as a psychic. She was nice to me and told me some things. She was from a real Gypsy family and community in Romania, she came to this country some years before.

She read cards and tealeaves and even had a crystal ball. People just ate that shit up; they were so desperate for any insight into their confused lives. She made a lot of money. She passed away years ago and most on the show have long since forgotten her, I haven’t.

How I met her was through my boss at the time, he was friends with her husband, our trailers were usually parked close to theirs.

Her and I would sit and talk the night away sometimes, usually after a setup, and while all the other crew were at the bar, I was still too young to get in so I was stuck at the lot, I was a kid.

She was the one that taught me about the “Circles of Life”. No ones life goes in a straight line, the past always intersects with the future. If we leave a loose end, we will return to tie it up; fate will make damn sure of it.

Our lives will be a series of circles, some small, some large, spanning many years in some cases, making great loops, and sometimes-small ones, spanning days, weeks, or months.

Pay attention to those things you leave unfinished my son, you will return one day to complete them, perhaps when you’re young, perhaps when you’re old, fate is not bound by time like we are.” She said, smiling at me over her cup of tea.

Those were her words to me on that warm summer night so many years ago.

I’ve completed a few circles in my day, and have more to go. This is one of the secrets to telling the future, look at your circles, they cosmically bind you, and you can plot your life by them. Your circles are like a vague map, spooky, but true.

Her mother taught her this, her mothers mother taught her….and so on, for generations, and she taught me.

She taught me some other things too, but those are other stories, maybe I’ll tell them someday, maybe I won’t.

I’m tired, good night.


Natalie said...

I enjoyed this story. I'm thinking about those people who go to the fortune teller and really want answers for their messed up lives.

Pauli said...

This is true, these circles are real, and it's always worried me that there are probably some people that I'm going to have to run into again and "deal with" because I left loose ends with them.

In my belief these circles can loop beyond the "circle of this world" (Tolkien's phrase) since the human soul is immortal. Kind of like the path of a comet as it comes into the solar system for awhile and then leaves.

Who Cares said...

I've been publishing comments but they're not showing up for some reason.

Who Cares said...

ok, now they're showing up.

Colette said...

Hi again

I am really glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing and for writing back.

I plan to keep in touch too - thanks for the invite to do so. I guess we'll talk more at the end of your season.

You are a wonderful writer. I am glad to have 'stumbled' across you.

Take care and have a great summer!

As ever,

Who Cares said...

Thanks Colette, so are you, I'll keep in touch over the summer too.

Joe said...

I just finished reading all of your posts. Fascinating stuff. You really have something here with your experience and the ability to express it. Both hard-earned I'm sure. When you finish writing it all and go to that vanity publisher can you at least get two copies made? I think I need one! I am sitting here now wishing I could read more. All the best.


alerted=yes said...

Glad you like it.