Monday, April 10, 2006

When I was A Little Kid

Before I was on the road, when I was a small child, I could see the highway from my bedroom window.

I used to sit and stare out it on warm summer nights, listening to the cars and trucks whisper as they went by, watching their red tail lights fade away down the dark highway.

I used to wonder where they were going, who they were, and what was down that highway, I always wanted to go to.

I imagined great sparkling cities, and wild adventures.

I was a kid, what the fuck did I know, yet that feeling has never left me to this day.

Sometimes when I'm on a long jump to another city, and my back is killing me from the last teardown, and I need a fucking shower, those memories of me when I was little come floating back.

I go to sleep feeling good, knowing that I'm in one of those vehicles heading down the highway, my tail lights fading as someone else watches, wondering who I am and where I'm going....what's down that highway.

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