Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Miss Dody!"

Dody and Charles owned the arcade tent. They were from the blue hills of Kentucky. Everyone just called Dody "Miss Dody!" and Charles "Bud!"

Dody was a lot older than Bud and a tough old lady who always got her way. Bud was more of a man child and towed the line when she was around but acted like a complete degenerate when she wasn't.

I never worked for them but I was good friends with them for a number of years. I was 16 the first year I started hanging around with Bud. Bud was a Vietnam Vet and had a lot of inner scars from the war. His hair was completely white at 40 and I remember Miss Dody telling me "The war done that to him hun!" one night when her and I were sitting in their trailer talking after I'd come back from a beer run for her. She always drank her beer and clamato juice from morning till night.

Bud loved to drink, and he loved hookers, and he loved taking me with him. He had a network of hookers he went to all along the circuit. Every city we were in he had a lady or a couple of ladies that worked out of their house. We'd load a game on the truck when we had some down time and he'd tell Miss Dody there was something wrong with it and we had to take it to get fixed. He used that excuse to get off the lot many times. Or some other excuse and off we'd go.

I remember the first time I actually thought we were going to get a game fixed. Once we got off the lot he looked over and grinned and told me he was taking me somewhere special. I thought maybe we were going to some favorite strip club or something and there'd be no way I'd get in there because I was only 17 that summer.

"Oh we aint goin to no strip club son!" He said with a big grin.

"You just hold ur horses, you'll see soon enough!" He was giddy with excitement.

We ended up on a shady street and he pulled up in front of a big old white house with a beautiful porch on it. A tall blond woman in her early 40's came out to great us in what looked to me to be her nightie under a robe which I....being a naive kid thought was strange at 5pm. She was a beautiful lady with a huge rack under her robe.

Another girl came out behind her dressed similar but a lot younger with long curly red hair and porcelain skin. Maybe mid 20's, really beautiful too. I didn't know what was going on. Were they friends or relatives of Buds we were visiting?

"And who's this little cutie you brought with you Bud?" The tall blond asked in her southern drawl.

"This is my little buddy kevin Adele, hoping maybe you'd school him while I have my time with Kitty!" He said to her.

Now I was naive, but not completely fucking stupid. It all came together now. The friends he was talking about visiting at the end of last spot when we got here. They were fucking hookers. I'd never been with a Prostitute. I was a kid. I'd seen them on tv. Bud always called them "Ladies of the night!" he always corrected me if I called them otherwise.

We got inside this beautiful old house and had drinks in the front room with the ladies and I didn't do much talking because I was so nervous and I was sucking my drinks down like crazy wondering what the boys back home were going to make of this story when I told them. They didn't believe most of my stories and thought I was full of shit and making it all up. I couldn't make this shit up. I was living in it.

Kitty was sitting on Buds knee now and things were getting cozy between them as the evening wore on. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. Adele kept looking over at me and winking and made a joke about me blushing but said it was cute and Bud told her I was getting some tail on the road so it wasn't like she was dealing with a complete virgin and then he laughed and told me to have fun it was all paid for and we were just going to enjoy ourselves that night.

To be honest I was scared of Adele at first. She was an amazon of a woman perfectly built and had ice blue eyes that could see every insecurity in a man and especially a young one like me. I thought she was going to chew me up and spit me out. She also had a very matriarchal vibe about her.

Bud and Kitty were pretty drunk now and getting ready to head to the back room when Adele got up and came over and took me by the hand and said matter of factly......

"Let's go honey bun, c'mon, up we go, upstairs!"

She led me up the stairs by the hand and I followed. We went down the hall and to her bedroom which had a big 4 poster bed with a canopy. It was a really nice room. She asked if I had to pee the way I'd been sucking those drinks back and I nervously laughed and said no.

The room was barley lit and dark and I didn't know what was next. It wasn't like being with a regular girl. It was so formal. I was with a fucking professional hooker for fuck sake. What do I do now?

"Go on honey, get undressed and into bed and Mama will be right back!" She said and left the room.

She was old enough to be my mother. Holy fuck. It was a surreal experience to say the least. I was so young and so inexperienced but there was a time and place in history this shit was normal to do. I honestly think I hit the tail end of that time. This was normal to them, to me it was like out of the movies or some shit you'd read in penthouse letters. Yet here I was.

She came back with a pipe and some weed and a bottle of whine. She looked at me under the covers while she was filling the pipe with weed and smiled.

"A shy one are you sweety?" She said and lit the pipe.

"Don't be shy. I'll take all that away, this will help too!" She took a drag off the pipe and handed it to me.

She took her robe off and oh my God. What a body. She pulled her nighty over her head and threw it on the chair and crawled under the big comforter beside me and pulled me close. We smoked away for a bit and then got down to it. All my performance anxiety left and she gave me the night of my life, several times. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Bud and I had many such adventures over the years. He always knew these classy ladies in these cities and set up evening dates for us. Miss Dody never let on that she knew if she did.

I was friends with Miss Dody and Bud for a number of years until she got sick and they had to sell the business. The new owners were nothing like Bud and Dody though and the arcade tent was never the same.

She passed on a few years later and Bud not long after. I'll never forget them and all I learned from both of them. Miss Dody's late night lectures on people and what I could expect from life or Buds boyish antics and freewheeling secret lifestyle.

I'll always miss them. They were like surrogate parents on the road to me in my young and naive years.

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