Friday, April 14, 2006

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

So I'm standing outside the truckstop, it's warm and the rain is trickling down my weather beaten face. The trucks are being fueled up and everybody's wandering in and out, cranky and tired, some still half asleep.

I'm watching the cars and trucks roll by on the highway, thinking about a warm bed, not a bunk, a real fucking bed, maybe a warm body in it too.

The rain doesn't bother me, I love the rain.

I'm smoking a cigarette and contemplating the fucked up universe, I come to the same conclusion I always do, I fit, we all do, or we wouldn't fucking be here.

A young woman walks up to me out of nowhere,she has a knapsack, she's soaked and scraggly looking, her dark hair dripping into a pretty face that looks like it's seen too much. She's not wearing a bra, I can see her nipples through her black t-shirt, she's shaking.

"Got an extra cigarette" she asks.

I give her one and a light and keep watching the traffic.

"How far are you guys going she asks"?

"A thousand miles that way" I tell her.

"Think I can catch a ride"? she asks.

"Only if you want a job" I say.

We talk about it for a bit and she ends up leaving with us, she has nowhere to go, she fits right in, she belongs with us.

Over the next hour she chats up a storm, then gets sleepy and quiet. She slowly inches closer to me, she looks up and askes if I mind, I say no, she cuddles up close, shivering, and falls asleep.

She's warm.


Pauli said...

Hey, what do you think about Tom Waits?

Who Cares? said...

Yeah,I like Tom Waits.

Pauli said...

For some reason the stories remind me of that tune "Who are you this time". Also "A little rain" - both from his "Bone Machine" CD.

Who Cares? said...

Tom Waits is so stark, I like him for that.