Saturday, April 08, 2006

Something That Really Pisses Me Off

Awhile back I was reading a message board that belongs to a certain someone I won't mention. Slim Price had been posting to it and really seemed to strike a rapport with this guy.

This guy was all buddy buddy to Slim like they were both people with long time ties to the Sideshow.

This guy is Sideshow, but nothing like Slim, though to hear him tell it he has ties that go back 150 years, it's bullshit, he totally sensationalizes his past, he used to work a fucking corndog stand, he doesn't remember me but I remember him, I been around longer.

Part of his family were small time sideshow people a long time ago. To hear him tell it he comes from a long famous line of sideshow performers.....whatever.

Anyway....he was all buddy buddy with Slim on the message board.

As soon as Slim hit some hard times and needed some help the message board go's dead, he no longer answers or acknowledges Slim.

I got some news for you "Mr long time Side Show guy". If you were the real thing as you paint would have been there for a fellow Carny like Slim.

I tried to send a donation through PayPal, but the trail and links are dead.

Anyway, that's my rant on that "PHONEY PRICK".

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