Monday, April 03, 2006

Show People

I don't like being called a Carny, and neither do most that have been out here for awhile, we prefer being called "Show People". The public will always call us Carnies though so that's how I will address us here.

The "Show" has cleaned up a lot in the last 30 years or so, appearance wise mostly. It's still staffed by some fuckups, right from the owners all the way down, though the owners fancy themselves as big wigs on the lot.

They're no different than the rest of us though, they've just fooled themselves into thinking they are because they hand out the pay envelopes at the end of a spot.

Sometimes the owners of the different companies that form the show are the most dysfunctional of us all.

A number of them are functional alcoholics at best.

The show is like a small town that travels from city to city, it's a community of sorts. There's a cookhouse, a school, a laundry facility, a small store, and some other stuff.

The lot where everything is set up belongs to the show when it's in town, the cops don't bother us much, we do what we want.

The only time we get a real hassle is when we pull into the scales on our way to another city, then they really rake us over the coals.

When we pull into a city we park our bunk trailers and start setting up.

That's where we live the whole season, not motels, though a lot of game people do.

I live in a bunk.

There's a shower in another trailer close to it.

My bunk is a little smaller than a jail cell. Having a bunk all to yourself is rare unless you've been around awhile, I have, so I have one to myself. I don't take much on the road. A sleeping bag, some clothes, lot's of shorts, work boots, a rain suit, rubber boots, just stuff I need to get by.

Once in awhile I'll shack up with some road chick for the season, not often anymore as I get older, but sometimes, it beats sleeping alone.

Most road women are crazy, the two I had last season were, and I can think of a lot more over the years.

When the seasons over the romance is over, I don't look back, harsh, but the way it has to be. I covered that in a previous post.

It can be nice to have one sometimes though, especially if you find one that kinda looks after you.

It's nice to have someone to cuddle up to when it's cold, or to fall asleep beside when your on the highway late at night, or to go out with on a very rare day off between spots.

The women stay the same age though, and I get older, so I get hooked up less now.

I'm more of a father figure to the younger women, they want pretty young guys, not older "been around the block" guys like me, it's as it should be. I had my day in the sun.

I get lonely, but not much anymore, I'm solitary for the most part I guess.

I meet the odd young girl with a "daddy complex" that want's to shack up, I don't go there though, I don't want to be daddy, I got my own ass to look after thanks.


Tom Hoey said...

After reading the post, I am awakend to the fact that there is not too much difference with our Carny lifestyle than the townies. The only difference is that the carnies lifestyle cycles on a yearly basis where theirs cycle three or four times in a span of a lifetime. You know, youth, middle age, older, the end, we all die alone and are forgotten. Bleak, huh?

mysti said...

i'm about to join the carnival and dont think i have any idea what i'm getting into. i love to travel, and by travel i dont mean staying in hotels and going to the beach. i've been homeless several times and liked it, but wanted something with a little more structure and support, but not much. i think this life will suite me, i just wish i has more knowledge before jumping in. when you get this comment, message me @ myspace. or even email me, although i check that less. my name is mysti by the way. advice would be so great