Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Reason I Started This Blog

I didn't know people would actually find it, I didn't know anything about Blogs a month ago. I am learning a little now. The reason I started writing here was because I kept losing shit I wrote on my computer.

I would write something and file it in a folder and then either delete it or lose it somehow. My computer is full of shit, programs, downloads, folders, folders in folders, there's a lot of stuff. I'm a packrat and save every little thing, then when I try to clean it I end up deleting a folder that had a folder in it with something I wrote.

So, a friend suggested that I just put all my stuff on a Blog and told me where to go to sign up. Everything I write stays here, I don't delete it by accident, cool.

The reason I write this stuff isn't because it's important, it's not really, only to me. I write mostly to myself and that keeps me honest, and that's what's important. If people like reading it, if they get something out of it, I think that's a bonus.

All the stories or thoughts I write here are rough outlines of what the story will eventually be. I find writing very difficult and only started doing it this past winter. There is so much more I could write into each thought or story but it takes everything I've got to get that little bit out. Hopefully I will get better with practice. You don't know how often I sit here with a fucking dictionary looking up a word...I had to look up dictionary for christ sakes.

My plan is to eventually get it all written, and then rewritten, and rewritten, until I get it out the way it is in my head. Then I will go to a Vanity Publisher and publish one copy of a book, it will be something for me to look at when I'm old and remembering being a Carny.

I know my days are numbered in this industry, the end is in site, a long chapter of my life is drawing to a close in the next couple years. All I have to show for it are my memories and my experiences, I decided I would write them before they fade with age, and they will.

When I die, they can put that book in the ground with me.


patita said...

I'm guessing you could have more of an audience for that book, if you were interested. Good luck with it, and give a holler if you want a hand with copy editing at some point.

Who Cares said...

Hey thanks Patita, I certainly will.

kim said...

a book about the true life of the carnival is definatly needed. i understand your comment about the memories and agree, i wish i could remember more of my time on the road, hopefully thanks to people like you, i'll never forget what i loved about it so much. let me know if u decide to print more than one cuz i'll take one for sure. With it and for it forever, Kim

Teacher said...

You are a great writer. It's descriptive and moving - that's good writing! Maybe you should consider life as an author after retirement. Think about it...your career could just be beginning! Please keep posting - I enjoy reading your thoughts and experiences!

John said...

I'm hoping you're still clean and sober; there really is a road to happy destiny, and I hope we're on it together. I've been on it almost thirty years.

When the time comes for you to leave the Show you have a world of wisdom, experience, strength and hope to share "in the rooms". I hope you do, and I hope we meet there some day.

Old soldiers aren't all that different from old carnies. Sometimes I actually miss living out of a duffel bag and an ALICE pack.

Please write the book. I write for a living and I'll be glad to help.

Brad Ramsay said...

it could be mandatory reading in an english class! god forbid! ;-)

i love your writings, sir.