Friday, April 14, 2006

The "Public Hates Carnies" Myth

I think most are just indifferent toward us, some are curious, and some do look down on us.

The ones I've met that looked down on us usually looked down on others too. Mommy, or someone else told them they were special early on in life. Being the "niave fucks" they are, they believed it.

One such person is of course, Mr Derbyshire, ( You go to a carnival, you’re going to see carny people. Where do they come from? Is there some ranch out in the Mojave desert where they breed these surly, slack-eyed, pony-tailed, tattooed, nicotine-stained wretches?).Those are his words.

I wonder if he's looked in the mirror lately. I've seen pictures of the prick, and he's not exactly a chick magnet himself.

Only some people give the public a bad name, in my opinion, and only some people working at the Carnival give us a bad name.

Most people are just given the wrong impression of this industry and it's people due to stupid books that are full of shit and movies.

Thanks Hollywood.

We're just like other people, our lives are just a little more colorful.


Georgia Rayne said...

I understand your pain. As a fellow carnie I've felt the the point where i came back home and my friends' parents wouldn't let me into their homes! It sucks. I've retired from the carnie life for the the next year and I still get mad looks when i tell 'em 'bout my carnie past.

Georgia Rayne said...

I agree. I'm a retired carnie (for the time being) and I've been faced with prejudice even though i don't quite fit the carnie stereotype. Friends have closed their minds (and homes) and view me as nothing but a nicotine-soaked, scantily-clad (only for set-ups and teardowns)little slut...or worse...thief!!! It's even harder for a woman to make it in the outdoor amusement business, let alone come out of it with some dignity. We're not bad people...just different...and yes...a whole lot more colorful.

Who Cares? said...

I agree with you 100%, and I forget at times that women do have it tougher in some ways.

So Thought Perfection said...

I bet from what you have written that you'll think I'm arrogant shit. But I just want to be a carny. I have never heard of anything more appealing to me. I hate being in the same place for this long. I have lived in the same place for my whole life, my family always dreaming of something amazing to come in my future. They don't even listen to me, they are rich sons of bitches.... I just want out. I might not make it long as a carny, but I will at least have been able to do something.

Lucien said...

I was born in 1961 to my parents who were Father was a flat store operator and a girlie show owner. I left the carnival life when my father died when I was 14. I realise now that there is a predjudice towards carnies and everything about them.My Fathers handle was Country Cuz.
I was on the following carnivals that I cam remember.
James H Drew shows
Johnny Denton amusements
Guthrie Shows.
Jimmy Wrights amusements
Magnolia State Shows.
toby Suggs amusements
I am seeking people who are old school from the 60s and 70s when Carnivals had pussy shows and flat stores and people could speak the carny language..

John Sabotta said...

Is this John Derbyshire? because if it is, yes, he's an idiot. A friend of mine once said "He talks like a man with a paper asshole."

If it's not that Derbyshire, then still - asshole. Paper, probably.