Saturday, April 01, 2006

The People

I've met a lot of great people on the road, and a lot of idiots.

Some people are good to work for and some are complete assholes. Because the show (Carnival) jumps from state to state, the labour laws can and are violated all the time. You really have to watch your own back when it comes to getting paid sometimes, I work for an ok company and the guy I work for knows I can't be taken advantage of so I get paid what I'm supposed to.

The people that are in the most danger of getting ripped are the game agents, I've never had much trouble in the concession end of things.

I've known and worked with a lot of the same people for a long time, I love some of them and can't stand others.

You can't take any shit from people on the road, if you do, you're fucked. I don't, bosses and coworkers alike, I stand up for myself, always have.

It's rare to actually see any kind of physical fight, though it happens from time to time, not often though.

You just have to be mentally quick, harsh, a real prick at times, only sometimes. Once you establish yourself, people leave you alone.

I see some people getting verbally abused and just shake my head,when are they gonna get it? Or just go home.....if they have one.

Nice girls don't last on the road, what's left is pretty much skank, that's the truth, period.

I made the mistake of fooling myself once when I was young. I shacked up with a road chic at the end of the season, what the fuck was I thinking?

It was a complete nightmare of a winter. I thought we were gonna be this cozy couple, she lived in the bar and had guys all over her (She was good lookin) while I sat at home with my thumb in my ass drinking my face off....go figure.

Anyway, I never pulled that stunt again. I see them for what they are, good time girls, that's why they're there, too party.

Once they're off the road for the winter, they're looking for another party.

"Note to self" When the season is over, so is the fucking romance....period.

I see guys go through it all the time, next season.....she's back on the road.....and they're off somewhere feeling sorry for themselves and won't come out because they can't bare to see her with someone else......old story....true story.

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