Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our Industry Is No Worse Than any Other

We're no worse than anybody else, we're a legitimate Industry.

There are Sales Agents in a lot of sectors selling in society, our Game Agents are called "Hucksters" or "Cons", why? They're selling, where's the fucking crime?

Our Concession people are no different, you eat in dirty fucking restaurants all the time, we have health codes to you know, and for your information they are enforced more on us than a lot of the resaurants you patronize, so spare me the shit.

Our rides are inspected also, and regulations enforced, they are safe. Sure there is the odd accident, where isn't there the odd accident when you're dealing with large machinary.

You have no problem getting into your own vehicle which probably hasn't had a safety on it in how long, or driving your kids around in it, or other unsafe public transportation.

A bit of a double standard I would say.

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