Friday, April 07, 2006

One Day Set Up's

One day set up's are a bitch, and they blow big time, especially if you have 2 or three in a row.

So you drive like mad to the next city, as soon as you get there you start unloading, day or night, it doesn't matter.

Of course when you pull in at night you have no power and therefore no lights so you're doing everything in the dark. I broke my arm one time setting up in the dark. I stepped out of a trailer and couldn't see the steps, and of course put my hands out as I fell into the blackness, better my arm than my head.

The Carnival is a dangerous place to setup at times, and of course there's no workmans comp so be carefull, there's no sick days either, so don't get sick.

Bust your ass, that's the name of the game, hurry hurry hurry.

Oh, and if you do get hurt bad, or really sick, well fuck you, you're on your own.

Pretty harsh huh? But it's the truth.

I think we came up with a statistic once. One in 10 or so has the natural endurance for this life. I've watched so many people start strong at the beginning of the season and be sick and completely worn down by the fourth or fifth spot. They don't last long after that. We never see them again after they leave. I'm pretty sure they don't have any fun Carny stories to tell.

I've told a number to quit and go home over the years. Some people have the ability to pace themselves naturally and that coupled with their innate endurance carries them through. Even those ones usually don't come back again.

I don't know what makes us lifers "lifers!" Maybe a lot of us have no where else to go. What the fuck else are we going to do? Work at a gas station?

We have a different way of educating ourselves and each other. I think it would be best described as "Kinesthetic learning!"

We learn by doing! We watch, emulate, and do it! The best way to learn in my opinion.

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