Sunday, April 30, 2006

On the Road:Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac was a self destructive drunk and a good enough writer I think. His book "On the Road" was a fictional story. As a fictional story I think it's good.

So why then did a generation accept it as true and set out "On the Road?" Because they were fucking idiots, that's why.

Most of them were fairly "Well to Do" little snobs that watched too many movies and read too many stupid books and thought it would be cool. Then reality set in.

Jack was a bit of a fraud in some ways. Reading the book and living "On the Road" in some form or fashion for many years of my life I can tell you it's not near as exciting or romantic as he portrayed. That tells me he was full of shit.

It was a fictional story and I believe that's what he intended in the beginning. But a restless generation accepted a lot of it as fact and created a Jack that never really was.

You wouldn't believe some of the morons I've met in "This" generation that embrace that book as the "Real Thing".

We are the real thing, us Carnies. We are the real "Road Dogs". We are tough, and resourceful, "We" know how to survive.

Over the years I have met so many "Pseudo Road Travelers" pretending to be something they're not. Running home to mommy and daddy when reality sets in and they realize it's not the grand romantic adventure they read it would be.

I can survive on fuckall, I've done it. I've traveled, hitchhiked, two thousand miles without a dime in my fucking pocket. I can tell you it wasn't too romantic. But I can do it if need be. I am the real thing.

I met a number of them with guitars on their backs too, imagining they could sing for their supper I suppose, fucking fools. They sucked on the guitar as well, I know, I can play for real.

Go home to mom and dad fools, it's where you belong. They paid for you to get that degree you have, use the fucking thing, I would. Leave the road to those better equipt for it.

Do you think any of these fools ever listened to any advice I gave them? No. Why would they, I didn't paint a romantic picture, I told them to go the fuck home and quit being stupid.

Do you think they were interested in the "Real Thing?" No. Why would they be, they wouldn't know it if it jumped up and bit them in the fucking ass.

Survivors are born, they see the world from a different perspective and this allows them to see loopholes, scams, ways to get by that others don't see. That's what Carnies are, they're survivors in a sense.

We have real stories to tell. The media, hollywood, and book publishers aren't interested in us though, they want shlock, bullshit. Ask Barbara bamberger Scott, writer of a supposed Carny book with a bunch of made up contrived characters and stories.

The funny thing is that the true stories are far more interesting than the romantisized, contrived shit that get's published and passed off as truth. Funny fucked up world.

It's the same thing with music I find. People are more interested in the image than the actual music.

Speaking of music, as I said, I play. The most interesting music to me is blues, simply because it's the sexiest and most earthy I guess.

I play a lot of slide type stuff and record some once in awhile. When I get a feeling I make it into an instrumental on my guitar and record all the parts myself in the winter when I have a few months off.

I have to play everyday, and I do on the road too, in the morning before the lot wakes up.

The song I will leave a link for you to go listen to was one of many I've put together. I made it up when we were busted down on the side of the highway and I was on my way home, so I was a little depressed and it seemed I'd never get there.

The recording is a little shitty but I thought I would just give you an idea of what I like to play, and another glimpse into me.

Heres the link. Just click on the "Music" link in my profile when you get there.


amdrew said...

hey there mister
ive read your stuff and i find you fascincating
im thinking about fucking it all and becoming a carnie
email me at if youd like
i would love to talk about how to join the world of carnies

patita said...

Guilty as charged I guess! I never thought I could live on the road, but I did live out of my car for a month. And of course I dated a guy who was exactly what you describe (down to the damn guitar) because it all seemed so "romantic". I'll blame my stupidity on my youth until you can prove otherswise ;)

Especially when you're young and everything seems to keep you down, reading Kerouac can be like having the top of your head popped off--an emergency release valve that lets you keep going. I'm glad that you're offering a counter to his fiction that's clear and real. You won't need to drink yourself to death because vision and reality didn't match up.

Who Cares said...

Yes, I think we're all like that in our youth. Good observation on Kerouac's alcoholism though.

I was "On the Road" in one form or another for years before I ever read his book, so maybe that's why I knew a lot of it was bullshit romanticized, I'd already lived it.

No one offered me a fucking publishing deal.

Who Cares said...

Also, if you're young and you need that release, you need to run away and not worry about life, come and be a Carny, you'll be "On the Road" and you'll be safe.

alerted=yes said...

Everything you say is true. On the other hand the road does offer the opportunity to see things you would never get to see and experiences that will no doubt leave you stronger(if it of course does not kill you).It's addictive and as we all know anthing that's addictive will kill you if not done in moderation. Well in fact anything will do that come to think of it,hmmm. So what's my point? Have none whatsoever. Hope your trip went smooth and give your mama a smooch from all your friends out here. Not bad guitar by the way, thanks! Have a swell day,Pat.

patita said...

See, i never would have thought to become a carny when i was at the running-off age. Not that I had anything against it, just never crossed my mind! I definitely believe you that it's far safer than going alone. Of the whole time i was living in my car, I felt safest when I happened to cross paths with a motorcycle rally. All these "scary" looking guys around, big beards and tattoos, but the minute the car gave me trouble they were there to help. It was like having a thousand decent uncles.

beth said...

great blues song. I dig it.

Violet said...

good song.