Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On Being Prepared

It never ceases to amaze me how many people walk around in the rain soaking wet, and freezing their asses off, setting up.

Here's what I take on the road.

1. Three pairs of pants, two good ones (There will be the odd night off) and one for setup/teardown, there will be the odd day it's cold.

2. Ten pairs of shorts, most days will be hot, or shorts weather.

3. Three shirts, Two good ones, (most of the time you will be wearing a company shirt anyway), one for setup/teardown. I don't know how many times I've listened to people bitch that they wreck their good clothes setting up or tearing down.

4. A rain suit, not a flimsy one, get one from Costco, their $50 bucks and will last the whole season. I've had my latest one for two seasons now.

5. A pair of rubber boots, for those rainy muddy days you're wearing your rain suit, if your feet are wet you'll freeze your ass off. If you are prepared in this area ( rubber boots, rain suit) you'll be warm and able to do your job while all the idiots are freezing their asses off and bitching. Also, two pair of runners, prefferably "Nike Air" or some kind of air sole, One pair of steel toed boots for setup/teardown.

6. Socks, you can never have too many of these.

7. My bathroom stuff.

8. Sleeping bag, two pillows.

9. Cell phone, even a "Pay as you go" one is good.

10. Three towels.

11. One Credit Card, most motels and hotels require them now. If you can't get one, do a search on the web for the new "Prepaid Mastercard". It cost's you $30-40 and then you can add money to it, they are invaluable on the road yet most people don't know about them. Or get a secured one through "Capitol One".

Every modern Carny with a brain should take my advice on this. When you're traveling a credit card is good to have and almost a necessity. Also, it means you will have to depend on others less, which is good.

12. My guitar, I get up early in the morning, (Because I don't party all fucking night) have my coffee, and play for awhile, having some kind of hobby or expression of my own helps me to keep my sanity.

I pack as light as I possibly can, there's no point in bringing your whole fucking house on the road so you can jam it in a bunk and your bunkmate can trip over all it all season.

Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is all the stupid fucking shit the new people bring on the road, then they piss and moan when their expensive stuff gets stolen or wrecked.

Why the fuck would someone bring their TV on the road??? When will you ever get the chance to watch it??? Or their play station??? Fuck me, I've seen it all I think. No doubt I will go out this season and some new person will surprise me with something even dumber.

The more prepared I am, the less I have to depend on others. (Life lesson #One).

Pack light, pack smart.....think think think, don't be a fucking idiot.

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