Saturday, April 08, 2006

Old Timers

Ah the "Oldtimers!" What a bunch of grumpy old pricks. They have no time for niceties, they don''t give a shit. It's all about the bottom line. Get the shit set up and get making money.

There's no time for personal drama or any kind of shit. Not like I see in the world today. I spent my first two years on the road getting yelled at. It was a good experience. I see so many softies in the world today who'll burst into tears if their boss looks at them cross eyed. I have to laugh. No thick skin anymore.

No one coddled us on the show. You might work for a guy a whole season and barely get a grunt out of him that year. His main guy would be yelling and bitching at you. The old guy watched you though. He kept mental notes, he knew who you were and what you could do.

When someone left or got fired he'd tell his right hand guy...  

"Get that kid to do it!" "You know?" "The one that's not a fucking baby!"

That's how you moved up.

That's how you move up in the real world too. 

That's where the old saying.....keep your nose to the grindstone...comes from.

You gotta work. No one's entitled.

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