Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Memory Lane

I can only go down memory lane for so far and then I get fucking depressed. It's fun for a bit, and that's it.

I will go down it a lot more here, just to tell some storie's, I don't live there though, I live here in the present.

I'm fine with being 40, I don't wanna be 15 or 16 or even 20 again.

There's a mental and emotional stability that seems to come with age, and being cleaned up. Drugs were fun for a few years, then they fucked me up good, so I don't wanna glamorize them here, even pot, though I went to a lot harder drugs in later years.

Same with drinking. I'll tell it like it was here, if I had fun I'll say that, but I don't advocate drug use, nor do I shun people who do it, I just worry about my own ass, what you do is your business.

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