Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Memory Lane

Sometimes late at night when we'd be sitting around the compound drinking and telling stories about years past and wondering what ever happened to so and so I'd see the the new kids looking on and listening intently. I'd remember back over the many years when I was one of "them" and it seemed a lifetime ago. It was a lifetime ago. 

They had no stories of their own yet but they would one day and many of us old timers would be in them. That's how life works. We pass into the stories of the next generation.

Every once in awhile to this day late at night my phone will ring and it'll be an old Carny friend half drunk, playing some show in some city I've been to a thousand times wanting to talk. We'll go down memory lane and catch up and talk about so and so, or wonder whatever happened to this person or that person and late into the night it will go. I love those calls. All we really take with us when we leave this world are our memories. So make some good ones!

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