Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lady Luck

I can't remember her real name, she told me once, but I forgot, we just called her Chance. She worked one of the wheels taking peoples money, and I'm sure that many a man lost it just to stand there and talk to her.

She was a beautiful little blonde thing, and what she saw in a road beaten fucker like me, I'll never know.

So I took my chance on the wheel girl, I knew better, what the fuck was I thinking? The fault was mine, she was so young.

We were close for most of the season that year, she was warm and everything a guy imagined she would be. She became more than a warm body.

We laughed a lot, made love a lot, shared everything it seemed.

But young women dream young dreams, and old guys just remember them, and so we started to drift apart and I tried to hang on.

Lady Luck never favours a desperate man.

I had plans, she had other places to be. We broke up. She got a better offer on another show and was gone.

So I returned to my lonely bunk, I felt empty for a long time.

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