Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Remember When.....

I remember a time, and it doesn't seem that long ago, everything was stick joints, there was no such thing as a "Roll Off".

Setup took for fucking ever it seemed. You had to put all the plumbing, sinks, electrical...etc in your joint once you got it framed.

Now everything is "Roll Offs", and the young guys bitch about that. I like to give them the old "I remember 18 hour teardowns" speech, and then tell them to "shut the fuck up" and quit whining.

I also remember when it wasn't that uncommon for a problem employee to get a punch in the mouth from the boss, or a boot in the ass.

Years ago, when I was a kid on the road, I saw an old Concessionare take his belt to a guy that had been caught stealing from him, he whipped him pretty bad, really gave him a lickin.

Those days are gone now of course, things are different in our politically correct world where all the "Lumps" in society are protected.

I also remember one time when I was a kid there were some older local guys going around causing trouble. They came by my joint and told me not to talk to a certain girl that was hanging around the lot.

Of course, being a smart mouth, I just had to tell them to go fuck themselves. They were on either side of the joint trying to grab me and I was waving my knife around like an idiot.

Some of the game guys saw what was going on and chased them off.

They came back later though and started shooting their mouths off to some ride jocks, the wrong ride jocks.

The ride jocks got a hold of them later and beat them with booster cables, I never saw them come back after that and the cops didn't do anything because they already knew they were assholes.

I remember when I could drink and fuck all night and still do my job the next day.

I remember when $150-200 a week was pretty big money, and draws were limited to $10 a day.

I also remember when the end of the season was a sad time, and girls cried and guys hugged, and people wrote stupid poems about the road.

Fuck I'm getting old.

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when destroya said...

I am reading this as I watch a midtown fair pull out of the lot across the street from my house. twice a summer I watch them pull up, and set up. I take my kids, of course, and find a bench to sit on as they run from ride to ride. same thing every summer. I sit, watch and wonder. always fascinated with the Carney lifestyle. always wondering who these people are, what their story is. I have gypsy roots so I think that's where the wonder comes from. I watched a lot yesterday. it finally got the better of me and I actually Googled "the life of a Carney". it's everybit as dysfunctional and fascinating as I had hoped it would be. I watched last night as they closed at midnight, and thought once again in amazement.. when I wake up, it will be all packed up and they will be on their way. sure enough, same as every year. I just want to say, your blog has almost satisfied my curiosity. I will, however, always wonder. thank you.