Friday, April 07, 2006

How I Became A Carny

First off, thanks for the comment Bossman, I relate to everything you said, including "I love it".

I'll be harsh on my blog about the life at times, but I still love it at some level.

I started around 1980 as a kid, I didn't choose the Carny life, it chose me, I kinda fell into it.

We had a family friend who was a Carny off and on his whole life, he started as a ride jock for Royal American. Him and my Dad were best buddies, they worked together, drank together...etc.

One summer he (My Dad's friend) suggested I go on the road with him for a summer, it would be a good educational experience....and boy was it.

That's how I got into it. I know lots that went looking for it, it came looking for me, in hind sight it was inevitable, he suggested it to my Dad a few times, and my father finally said ok.

I was a kid, how could I say no. I got to leave home for the summer, no parents, no bullshit, just the open road....woohoo.

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I never went out that summer and got the traveling bug, but then again, it couldn't have happened any other way....because it didn't.

I've tried other things and never had the staying power, I've been fucked up on dope for years at a time, drunk too, and yet the carny life has always been there for me, as much as I hate it at times.

I always have a job, and the people I have lived and traveled with are like a second family.

It aint pretty, but it's home.

When I walk onto a fair grounds, I am home.


kim said...

how very right you are

Anonymous said...

I figured I feel ironic right now because I put an ad on CL saying I needed a job and was actually called and offered a job going to new york for the summer May-September. I've never done this work except I was in telemarketing sales and I did good I just quit b/c I didn't like it anymore I done it for a year and I had no experience but I made it by copying the other guys on the call floor. when I go on this leap of faith I hope it turns out positive. I will be running a game not sure which one? I get the bunk house with only one bunk and the shower b/c i'm taking my g/f with me. but I feel really good about it but I am very apprehensive about the whole thing super freakin nervous.