Friday, April 07, 2006


Gypsy was a ride jock in the early 80's, the only female ride foreman I've ever seen to this very day, never saw another one after her.

She was big for a woman, built big, and tall, not fat. She wasn't ugly, just hard looking, jee....I wonder why.

She had a nose that looked like it had been broken a number of times and long auburn hair she tied back.

You could hear her yelling at her guys on teardown night or on setup day, she was pretty tough for a woman.

I remember I was watching her with her guys one time when I was a kid. They were setting up and she had this dolt bent over pulling on a rope up on the trailer. She was yelling something at him, then she walked to the end of the trailer and kicked him in the ass as he was bent over, it was funny, knocked him right off the trailer into the dirt.

I don't know whatever happened to her.

Never saw another one like her.....ever.

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Bossman said...

After having spent today, my 59th birthday, trying to remember why I ever fell in love with the bright lights and sounds of laughter mixed with the roar of the generators.. The smell of fair foods, diesel fuel and once every now and again the smell of a donniker.. God I love it..

If you were to ask me if I am with it I might stop to think if I am or just at it..

This is a game for yoing people.. The only problem is that you learn the rules of the game late in like..

Thanks for the memories...
Bossman 4/07/06