Saturday, April 08, 2006

Corporate America

Corporate America has taken over the show in Canada. A lot of people have been kicked off as a result, they can't have anything on the show now.

The Carnival life is changing fast.

The Carnival was always run by Carnies, that's why they're called Carnies Mr Rosen.

You have some serious problems coming down the pike in the next few years so you better pay attention.

I'm nothing to you Mr Rosen, a lot of us are, you don't notice us, but the business was built on Carnies.

Executives or Administrators will fail at the Carnival business.

In the next few years it will be up for sale again, for cents on the put the right people in charge, but that's doubtful.

So do things your way, we'll see where it go's, but most of us know where it is going.

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