Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bad Habits I've Picked Up Being On The Road

I like to sleep in my clothes. Even off the road I do it often. I guess I've slept a lot of places you just don't take your clothes off. I don't know.

I've slept outside, in bunks with roaches, under trucks...etc.

Sometimes when I'm working, and the day is over, and I worked my ass off, I'll just fall asleep with all my clothes on and even my boots.

In the winter, during the few months I'm not working, I'll be watching TV or playing on the computer and I'll get tired and just lay on the floor with my clothes on and fall asleep.

Previous girlfriends that were not Carnies, asked me what the fuck was wrong with me, why I lived like some "old hippy" flopped out on the floor with my clothes on. I would just laugh. They would never understand. What normal person would?

Only Carny women understand.

Another bad habit I have is I hate commitments. Like signing a lease, or anything that will tie me down. I hate obligations or having to be anywhere at a specific time. I've been free far too long I fear.

I can be packed up and gone in 6 hours, no matter where I am, anytime.

This can cause serious problems in the real world, especially with women. They want roots and stability, I doubt I will ever have it or be able to give it to a regular woman.

My dream girl would be a road chick I guess, one that didn't start the old...."lets quit the road and setup house" bullshit.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading the blog, I used to work for a carnival when they came to town , in fact i met my husband there, adn when i met him he was never leaving the carnival and never having kids . We traveled a few years together then we got pregnant and quit , he thought he would never have done anything exxcept be a carny but anything is possible we are married with 2 kids now.

Who Cares? said...

Anything is possible, life has a funny way of happening regardless of our intentions.

Meg Torelli said...

Ahahah... I know just what you mean. For years I hitchhiked and hopped freights, and I still have a tendency to sleep on the floor and fall asleep in my clothes. I really enjoy your blog, because I am thinking of joining a carnival myself. And not all of us women want to "settle down" in that I can never stay in one place too long. Hence why I finally bought a tiny RV - its a home on wheels. ;)