Sunday, April 09, 2006

Addiction and The Road

I battled addiction for years, on and off the road. I eventually became a useless fuck as a result of it, I was what most owners on the Carnival would call a "body" I was just there, I was of no real use in the end.

The road had nothing to do with my addiction. I did blame it for a number of years, it was bullshit. The fact is that addicts are born, there is something genetically different about us, hence the "Disease Concept", and it's true.

I would have been an addict regardless of what I did for a job.

Most addicts will eventually die as a result of their disease.

I stayed away from the road for awhile after I cleaned up, scared that I would fall back into it. I didn't.

I came back better than ever.

My battle with addiction is within me, it has nothing to do with Carnival life. There are a lot of people on the road that are not drunks or drug addicts contrary to popular opinion.

Yes there are a lot of fuckups, but those people are everywhere.

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