Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In 1982 I was a kid on the road, it was a great summer and I remember it well. The hits on the radio that summer were as follows, (Asia-Heat of The Moment), (Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra), (Paul Mcartneys Wings-Band On The Run) and a few more, I won't bore you with my amazing memory when it comes to music.

I was just a kid and I worked an ice cream joint in those days. It was a hot summer that year and it was busy for ice cream. That was the year I finally learned to handle a busy joint by myself. Up until that time I always needed help when I got busy, but I finally got it that year.

Sometimes I'd be so busy that when it came time for my break my head was spinning and I felt dizzy.

I remember that in those days we still had $1 bills, and because of the yellow lightbulbs in the joint it was easy to hand out $20 bills as $1 bills and vice versa.

Those damn yellow lights, pain in the ass they were.

That summer was the first time I saw a naked woman live and up close, I didn't know what the fuck to do I was so nervous.

We were on days off and I was sharing a hotel room with one of the older guys in his 20's, I was just a kid and to young to get in the bar so he went and I stayed in the room with a case of beer he bought me.

When he got back he had a hot blonde named Brenda that worked on the Carnival too. They screwed right in front of me all night and the next day. She walked around butt naked the whole time too, and she was a hottie let me tell you.

They both thought it was funny. Him and Her spent the whole two days trying to get me into bed with her, I was a kid, gimme a break, I didn't know what the fuck to do. I sure got the show of my life though....woohoo.

I also remember it was the first summer I tried smoking pot. My buddy John had a black plastic super hit bottle, it looked kinda like a black mustard bottle and had a hole on the side, the joint was stuck in the top with the filter end out, when you put your thumb over the hole on the side and squeezed you really got a blast off that joint.

I can still remember him saying, "hold it in, you gotta hold it in, don't just cough it out dummy"

I can also remember clearly laying in my bunk, high as a kite, smiling, and listening to the song "Band on The Run" playing in the dark. I felt great. John and I talked awhile and laughed at stupid shit, I was young and it was a great time in my life, it was a great summer.

John is dead now, he was one of my long time road buddies.

John always had a weakness when it came to women, he fell really hard for them everytime, unlike me.

In 1995 he had a fight with his girlfriend, she broke up with him, he was drunk and driving home like a maniac, he had a head on collision and was killed, it was suicide says his brother, and I agree, knowing John.

I think of him every year I go out, I always will.

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